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Making Process Improvement 
        Work - A Concise Action Guide for Software Managers and Practitioners - small image of book cover

Making Process Improvement Work -
A Concise Action Guide for Software Managers and Practitioners

Making Process Improvement Work for Service Organizations

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Comparison of CMM and CMMI

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SEI Appraisal Method

SCAMPI (CMMI) Appraisals (Process Group services page)
SCAMPI Method Description (v1.3)

SCAMPI Appraiser Certification Neil Potter and Mary Sakry
SCAMPI High Maturity Lead Appraiser certification.
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Published CMMI appraisal results (listings of companies
that have achieved SEI Level N)

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Neil and Mary recorded webinars and articles at Compaid

Interview on "CMMI and process improvement," with Tom Cagley of the SPaMCAST series. [Free]

The Role & Focus of a Software Engineering
Process Group (SEPG)

Making Change Happen - A 10-Piece Tool Box [Free]

Some of Our Published Articles

Keep Your Project On Track,
Software Development Magazine, April 2001

Practical CMM, Software Development Magazine, March 2001

Measuring Process Improvement,
STQE Magazine, November 2000

Goal-Problem Approach for Scoping an Improvement Program,
CrossTalk Magazine, May 2000

Reducing Cycle Time,
Software Development Magazine, August 2000

(Dennis Frailey is an associate of The Process Group)

Using the CMM Effectively, CrossTalk Magazine, October 1995

Example Process / Project Tracking Tool

(Not tested by The Process Group)

Automated Project Office

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Conference: Practical Software Quality Techniques (North/South)

Conference: Software Quality Engineering

Conference: Software Engineering Process Group

Conference: The Pacific Northwest Software Quality

Association: Dallas-Fort Worth Association for
Software Engineering Excellence (SPIN Affiliate)

Association: Microsoft Project Users Group

Chat Forum: Software Process Improvement

Chat Forum: CMMI

Magazine: Dr. Dobb's Journal

Magazine: CrossTalk

Return on Investment Articles and Presentations

Crosstalk: How CMM Impacts Quality, Productivity, Rework,
and the Bottom Line

John Vu of Boeing: SEPG01-Keynote-Presentation (pdf file)

SEI ROI presentation (CMM): CMU/SEI-94-TR-13 (pdf file)

SEI ROI report (CMMI):

SEI ROI report (CMMI, 2003):

Benefits of CMMI Within the Defense Industry (May 2010): SEI report