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Agile Software Development (Scrum)

Delivery: 2-day workshop OR consulting assistance (click here)


2-day workshop

Scrum is a software development methodology based on Agile principles. Agile methodologies promote a project management process that encourages frequent inspection and adaptation, a leadership philosophy using teamwork, self-organization and accountability, with strong customer involvement.

The Scrum process is a defined high-level project life cycle that teams can adopt to quickly plan and manage their work. Each Scrum step has just enough detail to allow for quick execution. This 2-day workshop trains teams in the Scrum process.

After Scrum has been practiced, a team can optionally learn more advanced skills to implement each step. Our other workshops, such as requirements, project planning and peer reviews, are natural extensions to the initial skills learned in Scrum.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to use Scrum to manage their work.

Workshop Agenda

  • Definition of Agile and Scrum
    Agile Manifesto
    Agile Principles
    Definition of Scrum and Scrum Terms
  • Scrum Details
    The Backlog and Requirements
    Sprint Planning and Release Planning
    Sprint Order and Length
    Tracking Project Progress
    Sprint Review
    Sprint Retrospective
    Implementing Scrum Exercise
  • Optional Scrum Additions
    Risk Management
    Scaling Scrum for Large / Complex Projects
    Product Owner and Backlog for Large / Complex Projects
    Coordinating Multiple Scrum Teams
    Release and Sprint Planning for Large / Complex Projects
    The Need For Integration
    Documentation and Time Zones for Distributed Teams
  • Steps to Deploy Scrum
    Comparison to CMMI (Summary)
    Merging with Existing Lifecycles (Waterfall, Gates and Governance)
  • Appendix
    Comparison to CMMI (Detail)


A complete project team (e.g., developer, QA/test, project manager and requirements roles).

Consulting assistance for existing Scrum implementations

If you are already using Scrum, but know that it could be better, we can help you determine where it is breaking down and provide solutions to fix it. Contact us with your needs and we can scope a session for you.

If you would like to implement CMMI combined with Scrum, we can show you immediately where CMMI practices can be added to an existing Scrum implementation (while keeping process definitions to concise 1-page checklists).

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This service is conducted by Neil Potter or Mary Sakry, both Certified Scrum Masters.

The Process Group principals have experience (since 1989) conducting workshops for companies in the U.S., U.K., Switzerland, Canada, India, China, Singapore and Japan. We are authorized SEI CMMI appraisal leaders and Certified Scrum Masters and provide consulting services that enable you to operate your organization more efficiently and profitably. We also offer public speaking engagements that help management and employees understand the various techniques for--and benefits of--improving the development process.