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Project Management Coaching

Is this your situation?

  • Your project team is overwhelmed with problems

  • Delays and crises are chronic

  • The scope of your project is ambiguous

  • Requirements exist in various emails

  • There are no sound estimates to rely on

  • Expectations vary with each stakeholder

You know that project management activities could be performed better to avoid these problems. However, taking the team out of their work environment for a multi-day project management class sounds too long.

The Process Group offers onsite coaching on project management skills to ensure that your projects run more smoothly. The coaching sessions result in:

  • aligned project goals and management expectations

  • improved accuracy in estimation and scheduling

  • better approaches to dealing with challenging deadlines

  • improved communication among project stakeholders

  • well-informed and engaged project team members

  • team proficiency using these new skills

Below we list the typical just-in-time project management skills that are deployed during these coaching engagements:

  • light-weight project plan development

  • managing requirements and negotiating goals

  • determining and mitigating risks

  • formulating more accurate estimates and schedules

  • negotiating and aligning commitments

  • measuring progress and refining the plan

  • communicating project status with management, stakeholders and customers

  • addressing sticky issues that arise among team members, management and customers


Coaching details

There are two primary objectives of this service. Firstly, to have the project on the right track, and secondly, to leave the team self-sufficient in their new skills.

One coach can support one large project or two small projects at a time. For example, a large project might be 20-100 people. Here we would work with the overall project manager and his/her direct reports. A small project might be 10-15 people. In this case we would work with the entire team. Alternatively we can work with two or three smaller projects in parallel.

A coaching engagement can run from one week to several weeks. Initially, the coaching time would be intense (for example, 4-5 days per week) for a few weeks. After the initial period, this would diminish to 2-3 days per week, based on the need. Long-term, checkups would be provided (for example, 1 day per week).

Coaching is available at a reduced consulting rate for engagements totaling more than 10 days. Contact us for details.

This style of skill delivery can be applied to all Process Group services (e.g., requirements development, supplier management, peer reviews).